BesMpvTray is adapted to manage the MPV video player from the system tray and make it easy to use.
MPV is a very lightweight video player with many features.
BesMpvTray tool has a lighter and more useful feature as it is designed to use all the features of MPV in a single interface.
Added a total of 23 tasks to the tool that runs in the system tray.
The list of these tasks is as follows.

- Playing video from the list you added.
- Playing without video from the list you added.
- Playing with the visualizer (effect) from the list you added.
- Random play from the list you added.
- You can watch televisions of all countries around 10.000.
- Listening to about 10,000 radios from all countries with visualizer (effect).
- Listening to the radios of all countries around 10.000 without video.
- Direct playback by URL.
- Search, list and play youtube videos.
- Using forward, backward, pause, stop, equalizer, osd keys.
- Adding multiple files to the list at the same time.
- Remove multiple files from the list at once.
- You can control the volume of the sound.
- Download video and audio files.
- Create startup on startup if prompted.
- Translated into 11 languages.
- Get more control with the keyboard.
- Fast, lightweight and using minimal system resources.

You can use this tool directly on Debian-based distributions.
If desired, the necessary packages can be installed separately and used in other based distributions.

Download here


Besgnulinux JWM 01-04 ready to use


Basic information

Based on Debian 11 Bullseye (non-free version)
Version number: 01-04
Processor architecture: 64bit
Disk usage: 8GB on average
Ram usage: Average 143 MB
Core: 5.10.0-18
Icon theme: Besgnulinux
System theme: Besgnulinux
Installation tool: Calamares

The version 01-04 that I built with special tools for JWM is ready to use.
This version was created with lightweight tools that do not tire the system as in other versions. However, unlike other versions, the system management tools were specially made by me for JWM.
Non-JWM tools were not added as much as possible. Only essential packages have been added.
I created a double panel at the top and bottom as I found it more useful.
Icons clock, Conky, menu and tools I made for JWM are on the top panel. The bottom panel acts as a taskbar to minimize and maximize windows.
The tools I made for JWM are as follows:
- Add or remove icons from the panel with one click. (New)
- Add or remove icons from the menu with one click. (New)
- Add or remove key for keyboard with one click. (New)
- Change panel directions with one click. (New)
- Start or end tools such as network tray, battery. (New)
- Take a screen, window or area picture from the panel.
- Change JWM color. (New)
- Change system theme and icon color. (New)
- Add or remove icons in the Favorites menu with one click. (New)
- Change screen resolution with one click. (New)
- Change background image with one click.
- Change keyboard language with one click.

Apart from these vehicles, there are also nearly twenty vehicles and all of them have been rearranged.
As I mentioned at the beginning, externally installed tools are just basic usage tools.
The list of installed tools is as follows:
Gparted, Synaptic, Bleachbit, Catfish, Pluma, Atril, Mtpaint, Abiword, Smplayer, Firefox Esr and some simple games.
Although the Pluma text editor is a Mate session editor, I added it because it is lightweight and quite capable.

Equipped with tools specially made for JWM, this version was quite light and at the same time very useful version.
It can be used in new machines as well as in old machines. Because all Firmware software is attached, it is suitable for all old-new machines.

Download here
Besgnulinux JWM 01-04

Besgnulinux JWM 01-04 video

Other Images


Panel direction

JWM color
Install applications
File manager
Besgnulinux theme color
App terminate
Add to panel
Add to menu

BesGnuLinux Icon Theme


 I adapted this icon theme with Suru infrastructure.
There are two kinds of themes in its own color and dark-light.
There are 12 different colors in each as Besgnulinux-own and Besgnulinux.
In the Besgnulinux-own version, icons such as actions are in each color's own color.
In the Besgnulinux version, the actions icons are the standard colors formed with dark and light colors.
I also adapted the Besgnulinux version as Besgnulinux-all to a package so that it takes less space on the disk.
Those who wish can use the colored themes individually, and those who wish can use all colors with the Begnulinux package.

Download here

Besgnulinux Icon Theme






Besgnulinux change icon theme color


With the Besgnulinux icon color tool, you can easily change the Besgnulinux icon theme colors according to your taste.
It is very simple to use as seen in the picture below. You can change the icon theme colors to the colors you want with the Light and Dark options in the window that opens.
The interface of the tool was created with yad software. For this reason, you can use it in all installed distributions, no matter what system it is.
It is installed by double-clicking the file in the file.
You can download it from the links below.

 Sourceforge:  Besgnulinux change icon theme color

 Pling: Besgnulinux change icon theme color



Besgnulinux Openbox 01-05 32bit and 64bit ready to use

 Basic knowledge

Based on Debian 11 Bullseye (non-free version)
Version number: 01-05
DE: obsession
WM: Openbox
Processor architecture: 32bit and 64bit
Disk usage: 8GB on average
Ram usage: Average 220 MB
Kernel: 5.10.0-15
Icon theme: Besgnulinux-all
System theme: Obsidian and Jade
Installation tool: Calamares


This version has been developed so that end users can use it easily.
Desktop enabled for ease of use, Lxpanel made the default.
Background images can be changed with a single click with the Feh tool I developed.
Network/Wifi and Pulseaudio sound system are active.
Installed applications are brought to the desktop with a single click with the icon I added to the panel for faster use.
Ram, CPU indicator is working on the panel.
You can learn the weather with the icon I added to the panel.
You can do many functions from the right context menu and enable ObmenuGenerator if desired.
In addition, most of the basic lightweight software used in this version are attached, so there will be no need to install software afterwards.

You can use 32bit and 64bit Openbox versions, which I am trying to make very easy to use, on both old and new machines.

Download here
Besgnulinux Openbox 01-05 32bit or 64bit 



Besgnulinux Openbox 01-05 video


 Other images




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